party extras

Airbrush Tattoos



These safe and temporary tattoos add a whole new level of glamour and style for your guests to enjoy.

Great for all types of informal parties! Our artists specialize in many different styles, including hand painted, airbrushed, crystals added, glitter and


Airbrush Items



Professional artists are provided to airbrush awesome party favors on the spot, allowing your guests to take home personalized treasures that can serve as practical clothing long after the party is

over. Our artists can work with trucker hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, skullcaps, and much more!

Airbrush Items


Examples of Airbrush shirts/sweatshirs

Balloon Artists



A classic party extra that is well known

and loved by kids of all ages. Our

balloon artist will effortlessly craft

animals and items in a stunning

amount of time and quality!

Caricature Artist



Caricature drawing involves an

artist pinpointing the features of a

person that makes them unique and

recognizable, and blowing them to

exaggerated proportions to make

for a hilarious drawing. Your guests

will love having their likeness

painted in this unique style.

Black Light Hair & Makeup Party


Bring in some Black lights and makeup and it really changes the look of the Party!