Green Screen



One of our most famous and popular services, the Green Screen! Its an activity and party


favor all in one! With two operators at each event for faster service, we proivde fun and


quality with custom designs for each event and theme! Want an underwater backdrop?


How about a cityscape or a football field? With endless options for customization, we


provide fun for everyone! 




4x6 Digital Photo Prints


This is the standard choice for printing out your photos. 4x6 photographs can also have a magnet placed on the back to make displaying them easier!





Digital Photo Buttons (Rectangle)



Digital Photo Buttons are a fun way to carry around or display your photos. After we take your photo, we can have it on a button in seconds! You can pin it on your shirt or bag or anything else you can think of!





Miniature Frames





These miniature frames have legs on the back so they can stand up on their own on any surface! These are great if you want to display your photos on a table or desk, and they come in different colors, too!









The viewfinder is another cool way to display your photos. After you have your photo taken, we will print and cut out a tiny version of it to place inside of the viewfinder. Then simply look through the magnifying glass to see a larger view of your picture! 

4x6 Digital Photo Prints




Digital Photo Buttons (Circle)



If you'd rather have a circular button, you can choose these instead! There are plenty of options for displaying your photo!










Having your picture placed into these keychain frames is great if you want to carry your photos with you! They are very portable and come in different colors!


















Photo Booths

Photo strips, printed with your logo or custom wording! Online photo gallerys and high resolution DVDs with all the pictures from the event!


Flip Books
We provide props and signs for guests for fun packed flip books! The guests will stand behind the camera and make a short video clip. 90 seconds later, we'll print and bind a personalized flip book right away! Your guests will remember the event every time they flip through it! If you're planning an event, our flip book services can create a memorable event.

3D Photobooths
Create eye popping 3D effects with our state of the art 3D photobooths! Set it up in high foot traffic areas and choose from our wide variety of themed templates for an exciting experience for all. These booths are equipped with social media features allowing guests to upload photos to social media such as facebook!

Digital Graffiti
Let your guests loose on our attraction, and watch them turn into kids again! The Digital Graffiti Wall provides a unique interactive entertainment for your next special event and is also a party photo favor.
How it works: After Guests take a photo in front of a Green Screen, their image is put into a large projector screen. Guests then use a real-looking spray paint can to decorate their photos. Instead of actual paint, the can actually "sprays" infrared light. The digital paint appears whenever the can is sprayed, just like painting on a real wall. Featured are a wide variety of animated stars, swirls, and stencils to play wiith. After the guests create their art, they can print a copy onsite and you get unlimited (5x7) photo prints for the duration of the event.


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