Party Extras



Temporary Airbrush Tattoos


These safe and temporary tattoos add a whole new


level of glamour and style for your guests to enjoy.


Great for al types of informal parties! Our artists


specialize in many different styles, including hand


painted, airbrushed, crystals added, glitter and








Airbrush Party Favors



Proffesional artists are provided to airbrush


awesome party favors on the spot, allowing your


guests to take home personalized treasures that can


serve as practical clothing long after the party is


over. Our nartists can work with trucker hats, tshirts,


sweatshirts, skullcaps, and much more!







Caricature Artists



Caricature drawing involves an


artist pinpointining the features of a


person that makes them unique and


recognizable, and blowing them to


exaggerated proportions to make


for a hilarious drawing. Your guests


will love having their likeness


painted in this unique style.







Live Party Painter



Be amazed as our party painter John


"Jay" Thomas creates amazing


portraits on the spot. Includes up to 3


hours of live party painting. Additional


time quoted upon request. Allow 2-3


weeks for pieces completed in studio. 







Handwriting Analysis



Learn what's behind your handwriting with a


professional analyst. Unravel the secrets to the


slants and loops or even the dots of your i's! You and


your guests and learn to intimate reason for the why


you write!








Wax Hands



Dip your hands into the paraffin wax and


create a piece of art out of your own hand.


Wax hands are great for almost all ages and


are incredibly easy and quick to make!







Phsycic Tarot Card Reading



Tarot Card readings has been an


art of mysticism and entertainment


since the late 18th century. Your


guests will be amazed as our


physhic reads their futures through


the power of divination








Balloon Artists



A classic party extra that is well known


and loved by kids of all ages. Our


balloon artist will effortlessly craft


animals and items in a stunning


amount of time and quality!







Lipstick Analyzer



This service is similar to our psycic


tarot card readings, but with a twist


geared towards the ladies attending


your event. Our expert anaylzer will


gauge your personality and possible


(romantic) future just by glancing at the


mark left by your lipstick!




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