Audio Visual & Staging
Screens and Projectors
A party isn't complete without a large screen to display images and videos of your chocie! We have a variety of flat screens and projector systems to choose from. Our inventory includes, rear projectors, stand mounted screens, outdoor inflatable screens, LED video curtain walls.

Widescreen sizes

5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft
 Flat screen sizes
50 in, 60 in, 65 in, 70 in, 80 in

Sound Systems
Our state-of-the-art speakers come in all shapes and sizes to cater to any party size and mood. It is our pleasure to customize every sound system experience to make sure it is perfect for your party's ambiance. We have a wide variety ofsound systems that are perfect for small and large events depending on your needs.  



 We at DJs Etc are experts on putting together exteremly elaborate and professional stages. This service can range anywhere from a single stage and speech podium, to a large stage complete with the trusses, lighting and sound capable of supporting bands and performances. 


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